Activity fun for Learning

Some activity are age or grade specific. However, most of activities can be adapted to any age or grade level and can be enjoyed by both childern and adults. Games should be chosen according to the players age and ability. Participants may lose interest if the game is too simple or too difficult.
Theacher and activity leaders should use their best judgment when choosing an activity or game to do with a group.Some activities in this article will be familiar. Childern and adult may already be doing the ctivities in class or in the community.

Other ideas will be new and may seem a little strange at first. Everyone should be encouraged or try new activities but it is important that the leader or teacher understand the game and be able to cleary explain it to others. The activities were included because they can involve a large number of childern,use few(if any)materials,and are both educational and interianing.

Why in the use of [important]?
Game and iteractive activities are important means of educating childern in a non-threatening and enjoyable manner.Some childern find classrooms a little frightening and find it more comfortable to interact in group activities.

Using games and creativities in the classroom also teaches childern valuable lesson which cannot be taught through words alone-including interpersonal skills,teamwork,team spirit,fair play,respect for the opponent,providing relaxation wich increases the ability to learn,problem solving, being to agroup, peer education, creative thinking, and learning to respect other ideas and action.

[games] use skills that ar taught in the classroom, such as mathematics,writing,speeling,geography, and history. Because of this, games often complement planned lessons in the classroom. They are particularly useful if the students are encouraged to think about the skills they use and the goals of the game.

The student themselves can lead many games and activities. Theachers and community leaders should encourage students to take roles of responbility and leadership in the activities as much as possible. This will engender a greater sense of belonging to a group, responsibility towards the group,and develop an environment in wich everyone's voice is respected. Some of the activities encourage competition within a group,but many simply encourage participation and positive interaction.

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